Cats Need Clean Water Daily to Maintain Their Health

Cats are made up of about 70% water, so they need clean, fresh, cool water daily to maintain their health. If you feed your cats dry food, then water is even more critical as dry food has a very low water content (about only 10%), so they will need an additional supply of water.

It’s critical to always provide your cat plenty of fresh water in various places of your home. Make sure that the bowls are large enough and be sure to clean, wash, and refresh the water bowls at least every other day.

Just because you have larger bowls doesn’t mean you should wash them less. Be sure to wash bowls with soap and water. Bacteria and germs develop quickly when water sits still after a couple of days.

Cats Need Clean Water Daily to Maintain Their Health
Pyrex Glass Bowls for Cats Water

Consider using only glass, stainless steel, or ceramic bowls for water—avoid using plastic for water or food. Plastic can leach out chemicals and can hold bacteria.

The more cats you have the more water bowls you need. We have several in each area of our house and refresh them daily. I like and recommend using large Pyrex glass bowls, they’re very inexpensive, strong, ample, and safe for cats to drink from them.

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  1. I use Corelle bowls for my cats but don’t know if they’re the best. Any thoughts on these? I have some cats with chin allergies or chin inflammation and am not sure whether it’s the canned food or the corelle bowls. I’d like to move to clear glass bowls but can’t find any for sale on the internet. Looking for low, round, clear glass about 4″ wide Do you have any clear glass bowls to recommend? I’d appreciate specific names or company names so I can see them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mary, I’m not familiar with Corelle, but Googling it I see it uses a special trademarked glass, Vitrelle® glass. It’s chip-proof so maybe has some type of binder in the glass to keep it from breaking. I really like Pyrex, I use the small Pyrex dessert or custard bowls to feed all my cats, then the really large Pyrex bowls for water bowls, and have them all over my house. Here are the dessert bowls at Target You could buy them online. They have the large too. Also, Safeway, big box stores carry Pyrex, and kitchen stores. Another brand name is Anchor – I believe they make the small dessert bowls as well. Good luck!

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