Handicapped Rescue Cat Finds Good Home

As a cat foster, and routinely taking cats to adoptions, finding a home for an adult cat can sometimes be a challenge, especially for the older ones, but finding a home for a handicapped cat can present an even greater challenge. After two years, this handicapped rescue cat found a great home!

Many people looking to adopt a cat are partial to young and healthy cats without any handicaps, deformities, or chronic illnesses of any kind. At adoptions, I’ve even had people ask me how my foster cat’s teeth are and when was the their last dental cleaning? One potential adopter who fell in love with one of my foster cats, who was very healthy, turned her down after I told her that I took her for a final routine checkup (she was adopting her from my home that day) and she had her anal sacks expressed because they were full. The adopter somehow misinterpreted this to mean that the cat was unhealthy! Continue reading Handicapped Rescue Cat Finds Good Home